Topping Out Ceremony for Independence Park Main Library

Baton Rouge, LA, USA – July 11, 2012—Cockfield Jackson Architects participated in the Topping Out Ceremony for the Independence Park Main Library (Goodwood Main Library).  This tradition acknowledges completion of the structural steel work, when the last beam has been erected and the next phase of construction begins. Also in attendance were several East Baton Rouge Library Board members, staff members from the Library, BREC and DPW, several Architectural Team members from The Library Design Collaborative and representatives from Milton J. Womack Construction Company.

An evergreen tree and an American flag were placed at the highest point of the building structure to symbolize this milestone.   Several people spoke about the importance and significance of the project, and expressed gratitude for the outstanding work being done.

Afterwards, the participants enjoyed a jambalaya lunch provided by the Contractor.
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For more information on the history of topping out ceremonies please visit and our project page  independence park main library