Reserecting a 1904 Limestone Church

Reserections is now moving the old First Baptist Church

Baton Rouge, LA, USA – May 4, 2012 Reserections is now moving the old First Baptist Church from Middletown Ohio to Bee Cave, Texas. The church suffered minor fire damage and faced demolition.  The building will be documented, disassembled and transported 1,200 miles to Texas, to be rebuilt as a portion of an antique and architectural artifact mall.

Designed by architect Frank Mills Andrews this 8.500 sqft church was built in 1904 from white Bedford, Indiana limestone.   Andrews worked on a number of notable projects including the Kentucky State Capital, Montana State Capital, Hotel Sinclair in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hotel Taft, New Haven, United Shoe Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Beverly, Massachusetts, National Cash Register plant Dayton, Ohio, Hotel McAlpin (tallest hotel in the world in 1909) New York, New York, George Washington Hotel, New York, New York, Columbia Club House & Clayton Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Dayton Arcade, Dayton, Ohio.


Reserections is an Ohio USA firm specializing in disassembling architecturally interesting magnificent old homes and transporting them to sites worldwide where the investment in renovation creates new real estate wealth.


Our task is to disassemble the church in a fashion that it can be rebuilt on another site.  Computer technology – rigorous Laser Scanning accurate to ¼ inch, which can be imported into Autodesk Revit or AutoCad, photography, detailed component identification, careful documentation, disassembly and skillful handling makes the authentic reassembly of this beautiful building possible.


Partners in this process will be Revival of Bee Cave, Dick Clark Architects of Austin, 3D Engineering Solutions of Cincinnati, and Reserections of Cincinnati. Links to each firm’s web site can be found on the Principal Vendors page


We intend to document the daily work of disassembly on  web site. We started the project March 15th.  First, cleaning the fire debris.  Once the building was cleaned, 3D Engineering conducted the original laser scanning.  Daily photos will be posted on the Work in Process page.


Now, we are at the stage of removing the stone of the church, documenting the individual stones, scaffolding a working wall, and removing and palletizing the stone.   While we have a concept of how we will approach this work based on prior experience, everything we do will be in some sense experimental, as there are many unknowns, and the consequences of methods will affect both the costs of disassembly and transportation and the ease of reconstruction.  We plan to learn a lot in the next several weeks.  There are many challenges.  You can see our progress at


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