Recycled Homes by CJA

At CJA, we design beautiful, traditional and contemporary custom homes that are unique and  different. We can work in any stylistic architectural vocabulary that you may prefer.

Are you looking for a home that is unique and different, AND that benefits our environment and recycles materials?  Let us work with you and Architectural ResErections in recycling a magnificent historic period home. 

Architectural ResErections is an Ohio USA based firm specializing in disassembling architecturally significant, magnificent old homes and transporting them to sites worldwide.

These 100+ year old homes are located near the inner cities where their value has been depreciated by their surrounding urban environment and can be disassembled and moved to locations where values are consistent with the beauty of the architecture.

They have a beautiful Queen Ann (1900 ‘s), three superb pre-1900 Richardson Romanesques by noted architects Samuel Hannaford and James McLaughlin and a rare Cotswold (1870’s) house available now. Prices range from $2.45 to $2.95 million US Dollars, delivered anywhere in the Continental USA.

In all cases, the house exterior will be complete. These houses are constructed of stone. Staircases, mantels, doors, stained and cut glass, cabinetry, paneling, and other interior fixtures are recovered  and reused.

Architectural ResErections has the computer technology available to accomplish this work. They do rigorous laser scanning accurate to ¼ inch, AutoCad record drawings, detailed component identification & documentation and disassembly. Then, skillful handling and packaging makes the authentic reassembly of these beautiful buildings possible.

Please go to Architectural ResErections website, for photography and additional information.

If you have an interest in any of these houses, please contact Steve Jackson at 225-761-1680 ext. 212 for more information.