Jeff Boss Locker Room at LSU Tiger Stadium

Jeff Boss Locker Room at LSU Tiger Stadium
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
7,959 SF


New Construction (After)

Opening Day

Old Locker Room (Before)

Cockfield Jackson Architects was selected in 2013 to design a complete reconstruction and renovation of the existing Jeff Boss Locker Room in Tiger Stadium. The LSU locker room had last been renovated in 1996, and had become worn and outdated. The project included the main locker room area, showers and toilet/lavatory area, coaches lounge, lockers, showers and toilet/lavatory area, and a private lounge and restroom facilities for the Head Coach.  The main locker room area is the highlight of the new space.  Custom, furniture quality wood lockers were designed, utilizing carefully place down lighting to showcase the helmets, with LED lighting strips strategically positioned to provide a purple glow from inside the locker compartment and to compliment the display of the team jerseys and helmets on game day. Construction of the project began in January of 2014, with a mandatory completion date of August 31st, prior to the first home game on September 6, 2014.  Existing conditions within this 90 year old concrete stadium presented many challenges along the way, but the project was completed on time and ready for use for the LSU vs. Sam Houston State game.