EBR Main Library


East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library at Goodwood
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
126,000 sq. ft.

The new East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library at Goodwood was designed by The Library Design Collaborative, a joint venture.  This joint venture was comprised of Cockfield Jackson Architects, Tipton Associates, and Dewberry (previously PSA Dewberry).

This 126,000 sf facility is located in Independence Park, one of the premier community parks in the Baton Rouge Recreation & Parks Commission (BREC) system.  From the outset of the design process, it was conceptualized as “The Library in the Park.”   Implementing the guiding principles of “Thought Park”, “Seamless Development”, “Unify”, and “Unique Experience”, the building is designed to immerse library patrons into the park and also bring park users into the library.  These principles provided common goals to guide the design team through the development of the entire project.

To ensure that the library was integrated “into the park”, the building footprint was configured to nestle the building between existing mature live oak trees, park features, gardens, and buildings to minimize the disruption to any of these existing conditions.  This positioning provided the framework for creating a memorable and enjoyable public facility, supported by numerous amenities such as public meeting spaces, access to technology, the infusion of natural light, a public roof garden and more.

The new main library was also the first city building project to pursue Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification through the principles of sustainable design. The design embraces many energy efficient and environmentally friendly design features, and meets the requirements for LEED Silver Certification.

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